Historically, there have only been three quantum leaps in film: sound, color and Avatar. The latter of this triad is Infinitely bigger than the tepid reviews of those that don’t understand exactly what’s happening. It’s the first time 3-D perspective works. It’s a very, very big deal. An absolutely pivotal leap.

The golden age of 3-D was the late 50s. The most memorable film produced as such was House of Wax, starring Vincent Price (1953). Only a relatively small portion of the film was in 3-D and the audience had to take their glasses on and off. The wax spilled out into the audience, sort of. It didn’t work very well and generally made audiences dizzy more than anything else. It fizzled quickly as did the next big thing in the early 60s, Cinerama.

Then there was the “feelies”. The theater wired a few seats with vibrators and turned them on during scary parts to generate screams from the few that quickly recruited the rest of the audience. It flopped after one film “The Tingler” (1959).

3-D is back with new technology and a massive impact. Ignore the tepid reviews are from those that try to see academic logic of the story line. Why would an advanced race of people use bow and arrows? Why would humanoid creatures have only a few characteristics that make them alien? This is nonsense. People don’t go to films to get a Masters Degree in anthropology. They go like kids to marvel at the story and fantasize about the action. This film puts the viewer closer than ever to both.

Writer, Director, Producer James Cameron is indeed the king of the world in 2010. The story line is adequate, not inspired but we can forgive Cameron because of the incredible effects that really must be seen (preferably on IMAX) to be believed. It’s a little long but it goes quickly. Mauro Fiore’s cinematography is beyond amazing. You believe in Pandora and you become part of it.

This is a MUST SEE (IMAX). It is a view of things to come.

I give it four and a half of five ten-foot tall yellow eyed, blue people.

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