Get Low

Only in limited release, and with mixed notices, this gem of a film reminds you not to look too closely at reviews (except mine). Lately reviewers cater to the need for constant stimulation from CGI and endless action, most of it gratuitous. This film is crafted with subtlety and texture that draws the viewer in slowly but relentlessly and ultimately with great satisfaction.

It’s a simple tale, eloquently told and superbly interpreted by masters of their art. Set in the rural South, an aging curmudgeon plots a funeral in which he’s there to hear the stories about him. The old guy has been a mystery to the area for 40 years and he wants some dark secret to come out before he dies. The plot starts slowly and builds progressively to a moving climax that today would not have rated a fifteen second aside on any local news. All of these actors, Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek are maturing wonderfully in their crafts.

A deathly silent theater audience greets the climax as Robert Duvall proves his worth as one of the greatest actors of our time. The cinematography makes the period landscape leap out. The sound track is incredible, culminating in a song you’ll remember by Allison Krause.

Seasoned actors now have the clout to make films they want, and their maturity shows. These films are usually in limited release and need to be sought out, as they aren’t heavily marketed, especially if they don’t star Sly Stallone and 3D. Get Low (a term uttered only once) is a must-see if you appreciate the pinnacle of actors at their finest. Don’t expect pyrotechnics. Just quietly observe the best of the best at work.

It gets FIVE (yes FIVE) of five Model A Hearses.

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