A stirring, patriotic website visited


 (Comment on the above WWW site:  “Americans” will love it….America haters will hate it!!!”

Not necessarily. This and many other glossy, slick propaganda pieces backed by flags, very political factions with an agenda that isn’t readily apparent usually finance eagles and pounding patriotic themes. In this case, when you scratch the surface, “nos populus” smells very much like a media arm of the Tea bagger faction of the radical right wing of the Republican Party. They have actually been very cagey in hiding it, but there are some references you can dig up.  This is pretty close to the marketing style done by Goering in WW II.     One of the fundamental principles Goering favored was to identify anyone who might question the message as un-patriotic. In this case, it isn’t necessarily so.

Using stirring icons of patriotism to imply that the message is equally patriotic, putting the listener into a receptive frame of mind, especially if they have a predilection for the message to start with. To them, the fundamental principle is that the universe is collapsing because those in charge have not listened to the voice of the deity paying for the message.  And of course, it’s necessary to “bring down” those recalcitrants so that a new order can be established that will in some more effective sense do the bidding of the people.  Now you’re gently ushered into hearing the Tea partiers come into clearer view.

There is no convincing evidence that “we the people” have rejected the President’s vision for the country. There is no evidence that the President is “not hearing’ the public. More than likely he’s resisting hearing the Tea Partiers. The corollary of freedom is indeed individual responsibility, a maxim the majority of the American people rejected a long time ago. If left to the tender mercies of individuals, we would very quickly turn into a big re-run of “Lord of the Flies”. The baloney about fighting to keep American free was presumably thrown in to stir the pot a bit. Those that actually attacked America in 2001 were all homed in Saudi Arabia, not Iraq and certainly not Afghanistan, both wars of attrition we will eventually lose just like the Russians did.

It goes on and on and ends with a stirring emotional climax and little other useful information. The Tea Partiers seem to have done their job well as this propaganda is making the rounds.  But in the end nothing changes but the verbiage and the placards.  In the end, Republicans lock step to stop anything the Democrats want to do, even if it benefits the public. If any when the Republicans ascend to be in charge, the Democrats will do the exact same thing. Nothing useful gets done. Stalemate. But stirring patriotic videos offer the promise of better if the public will just put their trust in a radical splinter group bent on radical changes never found to work throughout history, and incompatible with the complexities of 2011.

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