Film review: “Boss” (Starz cable channel Friday night 10 PM)

In the last decade or so, network television has degenerated dramatically to “reality shows”. It’s a producers dream. Low budget TV entertainment so impeccably lame and insipid they’ve risen to the top of the heap of brain damaged viewers happy to purchase the sponsors product.  The classic examples are, of course, anyone named Kardashian, Nancy Grace warbling tabloid nonsense, House solving the impossible disease of the week and the undisputed end- the creature formerly named Chastity Bono dancing the cha-cha. Any creativity in television sank like a rock on eh networks.

But there was an available niche. It all moved to cable. The forerunner was the venerable “Deadwood” (2004-2006).  Deadwood galvanized the channel surfing viewers looking for anything that didn’t numb their senses or provoke violent nausea and vertigo. Director David Milch went on camera to relate the freedom that HBO gave for him to make the best film he was capable of with no restrictions. The result was phenomenal beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Using a cast no one ever heard of, Milch produced simply the best TV drama anyone had seen in recent memory, then cut it off after three years before it got stale.

This raging success spawned multiple Emmy winner “Justified” on another cable channel, then other quality efforts including Weeds, the Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Cable is now the place to go for creative writing, directing and producing of quality entertainment.

This year, the latest iteration has come on Starz.  With an impeccably flawless cast including Kelsey Grammer, “Boss” is easily the most flawlessly produced TV drama today. With an unblinking eye, this series portrays politics as it probably really is including all the personal ramifications among all involved. It is absolutely riveting and must see.

Starz is a cable channel available in this area free with cable subscription. The episodes are frequently re-broadcast. Kelsey Grammer is OWNS this series. You can’t take your eyes off him. You also can’t take your eyes off that blond female aid who likes to get some action with the would-be governor at least once per episode, on camera of course. But that’s another story.

It’s simply the best thing I have seen this year. I cannot recommend it too highly.

Easily 5 of 5 pensive respites.

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