Observations on what’s happening in Politics so far (11/20/2011)

The continuing “sky is falling” objections to Obama continue to fade in credibility. And the voters don’t give a shit about the contrived and hateful blogs even if they understood them, which most don’t. The Republicans have been working the theory that if Obama was allowed to continue, they country would be destroyed for about three years now and there is no sign any of it is happening. So as the next election approaches, one would wonder how the voters view that prediction.

In fact, the sky has not fallen and shows no sign of falling. The worst that can be said is that Obama diverted a virtually certain plunge into worldwide depression under Bush to a relatively manageable recession. A recession certain to take another nose dive if Republicans are successful in cutting funds for virtually everything (except the welfare of big business), guaranteeing that every cent of those cuts will directly harm individuals currently hanging by a thread.

Obama may not have been the most stellar choice in 2008, but it must be remembered that the alternative was infinitely worse. McCain- an old man with old ideas. Erratic and unstable behavior. ZERO appearances for ANY environmental votes in the Senate, 95% record of voting with Bush. The continuance of Bush’s tax breaks for the rich, despite voting against them in the past. The vote for torture, despite speaking against it before the vote, his miserable record of support for Veterans’ affairs, the fact that Iraq soldiers gave Obama SIX times the money they give to McCain, and of course the ultimate deal breaker……..Sarah Palin.

McCain figured he would pull in some of the disaffected female vote after Hillary got trashed, but wasn’t smart enough to understand that every one of those females would loathe Palin and the white horse she rode in on. He didn’t bother to vet Palin, who turned out to be a categorical liar, ruthless manipulator and shameless self-promoter with a fifth grade knowledge base.

Clark’s Law held true after a huge majority elected Obama.  The further to one end of the political spectrum a President is, the further to the other end of the spectrum the opposition is willing to go to get rid of him. This explains why anyone completely sober would vote for Christine O’Donnell or Sharron Angle. Reagan was right. A true believer will vote for ANY Republican with even a small chance of winning even if it’s Charlie Manson, the welfare of the country be damned.

The reality is that Obama is not a stellar player but he isn’t the Antichrist either. He’s doing a reasonable job under the circumstances despite a bevy of Republicans that will do ANYTHING to stop his fairly reasonable programs, even at the country’s peril.  Predictions of his demise must be viewed in terms of what else is out there.

Look at the odious Republican slate, generating more fodder from late night comedians than any political group in history.

  • Bachmann- I think convincing evidence of brain damage. Duhhhh……extensive history of more malapropisms and non-sequiturs than any politician in history. Has done nothing in her career but complain, not even eloquently.
  • Newt (The Grinch) Gingrich. Spectacular evil past history, thrown out of Washington on his ear over 20 years ago for virtually every gaffe possible. Makes Bush look like an amateur and Nixon a punk.
  • Santorum- a history of weirdness and strange behavior bordering on sociopathy. Thrown out of Pennsylvania politics by a huge majority for cause.
  • Cain- Continues to deny escalating evidence of behavior that even conservative Republicans find abhorrent. 9-9-9 is really 6-6-6 tattooed somewhere him.
  • Perry- HAAAAAAAAA, the new millennium clown act. Now parodying himself on late night comedy shows. Dug his own hole now laughing all the way into it.
  • Huntsman- The only guy with a half a grain of sense on the slate. Has a zero credibility rating. Letterman won’t even make fun of him. Leno doesn’t know who he is.
  • Paul- Has been hyping the same tired libertarian bullshit that doesn’t work in real life for years, has run for President for years and flops every time. Looks bored. I would be.
  • Romney- about as colorless as any potential candidate in history, flip-flops on every issue, was beat out by the likes of McCain in 2008.

Of all these insipid players, the only one with a hint of a chance of getting the nod from rank and file Republicans is, obviously, Romney. The rest are all Dead men walking, continuing to be in it for grins and free drinks.  Bachmann is too stupid to know she’s a laughing stock. A further reality is that Romney has no meaningful chance to win for the following reasons:

*  Obama incumbent edge. Voters rarely change horses in the middle of the stream in times of crisis.

*  Republican predictions of the sky falling isn’t happening. They’ll look stupid next summer.*

*  Republicans are increasingly seen as holding up recovery for no other reason than to get Obama out in 20012 by obstructing everything he wants to do, making him seem ineffective.

*  Here’s the big one- the Tea Party and the wacko religious right. They can’t actually do anything constructive but they can lose elections, which they will do in 2012 by fractionating their support (or better yet, forming a third party).  Instead of every single Republican biting the bullet and getting behind one candidate, they will all spread out and dilute the thrust. Democrats may complain about Obama but in the end they will ALL vote for him because the threat of a Republican in the White House is far scarier.


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