Quckie Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The reviews have been extremely loud and incredibly negative. It’s a bit too much of a tearjerker with little convincing plot substance to support the emotional upheaval. The progression of events was kind of interesting, but too interspersed with maudlin fillers. I think it borders on 9/11 exploitation. Films of people falling from open windows are a little much. I think too soon to be accepted as a semi-documentary of how people would react to losing their loved ones in this manner.

The worst reviewed film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award. One wonders why “Drive” with an incredible 93% favorability on Rotten Tomatoes didn’t fare better.  Throwaway roles for otherwise talented Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock who usually choose good projects. The kid does a good job of juggling very adult emotions. Max von Sydow is of course, exceptional, as he has always been. Watch for Viola Davis in a pre-“Help” role.

I was uncomfortable watching it.  I reluctantly give it 2 1/2 of five sad voice mail messages, mainly for Max von Sydow and the extra half for underrated actor Jeffry Wright as William Black.

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