Film Review: “2016: Obama’s America”

Dinesh D’Souza is a self-professed conservative pundit. There is another 20-minute film out there in which he’s interviewed by interviewed by another conservative pundit with a reputation for distorting virtually any issue, Glenn Beck.  D’Souza freely admitted his desire to make a propaganda film that supported his own viewpoint, not necessarily examine any facts objectively. That’s exactly what he did, so this isn’t anything resembling a documentary (which is what it’s billed as).  It’s a statement of D’Souza’s biases, supported by whatever D’Souza could find that seemed to support it.

It was co-written by John Sullivan who directed the impeccably stupid and factually incorrect:  “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” featuring Ben Stein,which was roundly trashed by Rotten Tomatoes (a whopping 9%) and virtually every critic in the crit-o-sphere including well respected Roger Ebert. So you have some really strong experts here.

D’Souza says he understands Obama because he (D’Souza) is so much like him (so what) and theorizes that many of Obama’s actions are to jive with his dead father by taking isolated excerpts from the previous book. I read that book and I didn’t get any of that impression, nor did anyone else I know. D’Souza has no training in psychiatry or clinical psychology, so his opinion isn’t any more authoritative than mine.

D’Souza then schleps around the globe interviewing on-camera anyone that has a bias against Obama, presenting this bias as “enlightening”. He also makes oblique references to the incredibly stupid and previously trashed “birther” issue.  And of course Obama spent four years overseas as a child, which he implies, was a major formulation of his basic personality. He dredges up past guilt-by-association silliness like Bill Ayres and the Rev Wright, personalities that faded from any credibility years ago.  .

This film is specifically constructed to reinforce the alarmist notions of the radical political fringe. The spawn of Satan, Barak Obama, a man who is destroying the country in a quest to prove his worth to his dead father. Lots of expert opinions from people who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew Obama Sr. A distant relative of Obama that maybe Obama is ignoring because he’s a poor African (the relative never agreed with that).

D’Souza punctuates some of his points with “Psycho”-like musical shrieks to help the viewer come to the conclusion that frightening things are happening (because of Obama). The ending was shored up by swells of patriotic music designed to complete the emotional attachment to the film’s premise.

This garbage doesn’t get the dignity of review as a film. It gets a minus 5 Glenn-Beck-Intros for intellectual dishonesty, malicious gossip, idle conjecture, guilt-by-association, armchair pseudo-psychology, whitewashing of facts, leaps in logic, and ugly race-baiting.

This pseudo-documentary is the closest thing to the essence of pure evil as anything I have ever witnessed. Somewhere the moldy corpse of Dr. Goebbels is smiling.




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