Rock Band “Boston”. Looking for a connection.

Tom SholzIf you’re a fan of Rock, you know and love the band “Boston”.  They burst on the scene in 1976 with the classic self-titled album and they have been a mainstay since. Tom Scholz is the heart and soul of the band, an authentic genius schooled at MIT and a hopelessly neurotic perfectionist that puts out an album about every eight years.

If you look around, you’ll see there is NOTHING written about the band in the way of an anthology or history. This is quite unusual, as virtually all the other big league bands have a historical biography in the mainstream media. Unclear why this is, possibly Tom Scholz’s enduring fear and distrust of all media.

At any rate, I would really like to write that biography, and I think I can do it justice. I have a few thin connections to some of the Boston personnel but none sufficient to get me an intro.

The problem with this effort is that I don’t have any major Rock journalism chops. Neither David Fricke and Ben Fong Torres know who I am, but  Rolling Stone has taken a chance of talented amateurs in the past, allowing Cameron Crowe to explore the Allman Brothers in the early 70s at age 18.  Gregg Allman demand Crowe to his room and told him to bring identification to prove he was not a DEA shill.

And the selection of Tommy DeCarlo (an incredible Brad Delp look-a-like with the same vocal range) occurred when Scholz noticed Tommy doing a cover of a Boston song on “My Space” and invited him to audition. So, it isn’t out of the question that I can get a foothold.

Another problem is that Tom Scholz is about as eccentric as they come and rarely if ever communicates with anyone outside his circle.  Without access to Sholz, it would be difficult if not impossible to write their history.

I think I understand a lot about Tom Scholz and his passions. They were similar to mine at the same age and we both made them happen. He and I are a lot alike in many ways although he’s much smarter than me.  I have extensively researched him and also his innovations in the field of sound processing.  In the mid 80s, he designed and created “Rockman” modules for guitarists that allow an incredibly rich array of analog sound processing guitar-to-amplifier. Each module creates a different effect, compression, sustain, chorus, echo, distortion and a full range equalizer is a very small package.

He designed these for studio use and they must be played through a different kind of sound system than a common guitar amplifier, but as you can see from the number of switches and controls, the processing of tone and audio is virtually endless. (See Photo).  Over about two months I obtained all the hard to find modules, set them up in my music room and I am playing with them. The creation of these modules is just simply genius.

So I’m looking for volunteers to get me a connection to anyone that could help me some kind of intro to someone that could help me accomplish this goal.

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