Film Review: “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (2013)

One of the most incomprehensibly bad films I’ve ever seen, the dense culmination of many pernicious factors.

The plot was incomprehensible and excruciatingly boring. Any character development the book had has been left out. The corrupt society tale and the pyrotechnic manipulations thereof made no sense even by a stretch of the imagination. Obtuse and impossible-to-follow action. Train wrecks of improbable circumstances, scenes that in real life would reliably kill off most life on earth, much less the impossibly durable actors.

Jennifer Lawrence showed two expressions- boredom and cold-blooded mayhem, within seconds of each other, and to no particular consequence other than to appear to have constipation throughout the movie. Actors pop in and pop out for no explainable reason. Donald Sutherland looks bored.  Philip Seymour Hoffman should be ashamed of himself for appearing in this turkey. He probably demanded a ton of money to assuage his embarrassment.

This film is about as interesting as a forced two and a half hour walking tour of your living room. A desultory quest for the summit of Mt. Bad, dragged up the aisle toward the Film Hall of Shame like fat eunuchs, to reside the company of stinkers like “Heaven’s Gate”, “Battlefield Earth”, “Howard the Duck”, “Gigli” “Mars Attacks” and of course “Glitter”, each with their own foul excuse.

I give this turkey 1 of 5 blank Katniss expressions. Yes ONE, with heavy eyeliner.

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