A forgotten CODEs gig at an SCCM meeting resurrected

Hello again, the 50th Anniversary of the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is coming up and they were wondering if the CODES were available to play for the meeting again as we did several years ago. Not likely as we haven’t played together for a couple of years but it was a good run as our first gig was in 2006.

So I suggested maybe I edit a song from our last SCCM gig, which was several years ago. I rummaged through the high-resolution videos of that gig, selected a song that featured all of us playing and cut it back to a minute and a half. Don’t know if they’ll play this in their repertoire of ZOOM selections but I gave it to them. Maybe they’ll play it. Maybe not, but here it is for whatever interest anyone has.

The song is “Twilight Zone” originally done by a Dutch group Golden Earring (1982). It’s a great song and part of our set list for years. I chopped it after the meat & potatoes just before the extended lead break for brevity. You’ll get the idea. Listen for Gary’s scrape of the low E string from top to bottom. EEEEEOOOOOWWWWW. Not very loud. You have to listen for it.

Enjoy if you have an interest. As always, turn up the volume.

Percussion: Mike DeGeorgia, MD, FCNS
Chair, Neurology and Neurocritical care
Case-Western University, Cleveland

Rhythm guitar and backup vocals: David Crippen, MD, FCCM
Professor Emeritus (ret)
Department of Critical Care, Neurovascular ICU
UPMC, Pittsburgh

Lead Singer and base guitar: Stephan Mayer, MD, FCNS
Director of Neurocritical Care and Emergency Neurology Services, Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, New York

Lead guitar and vocals: Gary Bernardini, MD, PhD, FCNS
Chair, Neurology and Neurocritical care
Cornell Medical Center, New York City

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