A forgotten CODEs gig at an SCCM meeting resurrected

Hello again, the 50th Anniversary of the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is coming up and they were wondering if the CODES were available to play for the meeting again as we did several years ago. Not likely as we haven’t played together for a couple of years but it was a good runContinue reading “A forgotten CODEs gig at an SCCM meeting resurrected”

Protests v. Violence: Forward to the past

Last night, 5/30/2020, my daughter the cop was called out emergently with a bunch more cops, to join the National Guard in protecting the city (Pittsburgh) from roving bands of vicious destructors. Cars overturned and set on fire. Store window glass destroyed and stores looted. Four cops hospitalized, dozens of others treated at various sites.Continue reading “Protests v. Violence: Forward to the past”

Editorial comment by me 5/14/2020

What I’m seeing here in Pittsburgh is similar to what’s happening elsewhere in the mid-west, lots of people believing that rituals will save them from doom and gloom. That wiping down things with alcohol, wearing essentially ineffective surgical masks and bandanas that demonstrate they’re “doing something” and playing out the opera as dictated by expertsContinue reading “Editorial comment by me 5/14/2020”

Some history that might affect us in 2020

Some history that might affect us in 2020 David Crippen The great famine in Ireland, 1845 -1849.  During the worst of it, 1847, one million Irish died and another one million were put on ships bound for America. A microorganism, the “potato blight” was actually found first in Philadelphia and New York City. Winds spreadContinue reading “Some history that might affect us in 2020”

Film Review “1917” (2020)

“1917” is an unusual film, somewhat like “Dunkirk” (2017), a vision of war through the eyes of individuals. Two men have to trek across a dangerous terrain in order to save the lives of 1,600 others, and time is a factor. It’s said to be the opposite of “Saving Private Ryan (1998), one soldier onContinue reading “Film Review “1917” (2020)”

A treatise on aging and dementia

I read with great interest Mike Darwin’s essay on aging and potential dementia. I decided to add some to that, including a perspective of my own experience- how it applies to me as I age. (76 years of age this month). The issue of dementia has become more prevalent for a very interesting reason. InContinue reading “A treatise on aging and dementia”

Some interesting 1960s stuff

While researching some things for the Pitt class I teach on 60s music appreciation, I picked out a bunch of dead vintage musicians over the past ten years or so. Never mind those that expired in the 1970s. I split them into suicides for those that couldn’t make the transition into the new millennium and,Continue reading “Some interesting 1960s stuff”

Peter Fonda (1949 – 2019). Last of his kind

Peter Fonda, maybe the last living icon of the 60s idealism he never let go of, is dead at 79. Lung cancer. The 60s officially died with the Manson murders in August, 1969 but the ideal of free spirits taking the cathartic road to find and immerse in the unknown remained in the background withContinue reading “Peter Fonda (1949 – 2019). Last of his kind”

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) with Jeff Lynn and Dahni Harrison (August 1, Pittsburgh)

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) In Pittsburgh, Thursday evening, Aug 1 with Jeff Lynn and surprise (to me) Dahni Harrison Band opener (yes, George’s son).  ELO started in England in 1970 by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeff Lynn. Their music has from the beginning been Beatlesque rock interfused with classical arrangements and a monster light show.Continue reading “Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) with Jeff Lynn and Dahni Harrison (August 1, Pittsburgh)”

Some notes on Cuban trip December 3-7, 2018

Only 90 miles or so from Miami but much more a foreign flavor. Only recently opened for foreign visitors by Obama who reversed the Bush embargo in 2009. Embassies appeared in 2015. Any US citizen can attend any professional meeting in Cuba but a visa must be obtained. Unclear what hoops must be jumped throughContinue reading “Some notes on Cuban trip December 3-7, 2018”