Antarctica, February 2018. Crippens.

They made it clear from the beginning; “This is not your father’s cruise”. This was an exploration, not a cruise. The plan was to traverse the usual peri-Antarctica islands and peninsulas to make our way through the Antarctic Circle to actually set foot on the continent. A rare event due to quirky weather and shiftingContinue reading “Antarctica, February 2018. Crippens.”

The Orient Express: Paris to Istanbul. (8/24 – 9/1/2016)

Wife Linda and I took the trip from August 24 – Sept 1, 2016. Some observations for whatever interest anyone on this list of friends might have. The original “Orient Express” connected the English Channel with the Black Sea in the 1920’s, an era where trains were “the” modes of travel. With its connecting trains,Continue reading “The Orient Express: Paris to Istanbul. (8/24 – 9/1/2016)”

Orient Express Paris to Istanbul

Wife and I have not taken a real “vacation” since we were in Nepal in 1983. I figured time to celebrate her burgeoning career as chief nurse anesthetist at one of the UPMC hospitals, basically the boss, running the operating rooms. A big, tough job. Then sort of making note of my semi-retirement, cut backContinue reading “Orient Express Paris to Istanbul”

I visit Israel (July 2012)

For the Israeli Society of Critical Care Medicine, July 12-14, a meeting I previously reviewed on Postcards from the Road. The real fascination to me was learning about this fascinating place, the Jews, some things about orthodoxy and how a combined Church and State works. Sadly I missed a visit to Masada because of theContinue reading “I visit Israel (July 2012)”

Neurocritical Care Society Symposium, Montreal, CA. 9/21-24/2011.

Neurocritical Care Society Symposium, Montreal, CA.  9/21-24/2011. Montreal was easier to get into than I thought it would be (judging from past experiences getting and out of Canada).  Minimal hassle, but did require my passport.  Absolutely full of French as a first language, but most are happy to switch to English very easily. However, IContinue reading “Neurocritical Care Society Symposium, Montreal, CA. 9/21-24/2011.”

Kiev, Ukraine and some travel tips

Kiev is the largest city in the Ukraine, a major industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Eastern Europe, population probably about three million. The city is thought to have been founded in the 5th century as a trading post for the the early Slavs. Kiev was completely destroyed during the Mongol invasion in 1240,Continue reading “Kiev, Ukraine and some travel tips”

I tour Chernobyl

By history:  On 26 April 1986, the muted explosion and resulting fire within reactor # 4 at the Chernobyl power station near Kiev was caused by a sudden, unpredicted power output surge. Complicated, of course by interlocking human error.  When an emergency shutdown was attempted, a more extreme power instability occurred, leading to the reactorContinue reading “I tour Chernobyl”

I tour a Concorde at Manchester (UK) Airport

The only fully intact Concorde of the six in existence is on display here in Manchester, UK. Three month waiting list to get a ticked]o to tour it. Pristine condition. I was  little surprised it’s bigger than I imagined it. And the inside is not unlike the average modern jetliner. The distinction ends there. TopContinue reading “I tour a Concorde at Manchester (UK) Airport”

I tour a 60’s Russian missile base

About 300 KM South of Kiev out in the middle of a nondescript field lies the preserved ruins of what was a major camouflaged nuclear missile base, comprising (by my count) 12 silos each filled with SS-18 ‘Satan’ Intercontinental missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to North American targets in 20 minutes, each with aContinue reading “I tour a 60’s Russian missile base”