Protests v. Violence: Forward to the past

Last night, 5/30/2020, my daughter the cop was called out emergently with a bunch more cops, to join the National Guard in protecting the city (Pittsburgh) from roving bands of vicious destructors. Cars overturned and set on fire. Store window glass destroyed and stores looted. Four cops hospitalized, dozens of others treated at various sites.Continue reading “Protests v. Violence: Forward to the past”

Some history that might affect us in 2020

Some history that might affect us in 2020 David Crippen The great famine in Ireland, 1845 -1849.  During the worst of it, 1847, one million Irish died and another one million were put on ships bound for America. A microorganism, the “potato blight” was actually found first in Philadelphia and New York City. Winds spreadContinue reading “Some history that might affect us in 2020”

Some notes on current political players 4.8.2019

Both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar mouthing controversial concepts presumably to get as much publicity for them as possible. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity. But it’s faulty logic and they better stop spouting that nonsense out. They like the sound of their voices and they like to create stirs, none of whichContinue reading “Some notes on current political players 4.8.2019”

An editorial comment on Trump at 6 months

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a piece I just wrote for a political blog. It is a personal opinion and nothing else. I’m sending it to you simply because I can (occasionally). I am not using a UPMC server and this is not a comprehensive list of everyone in any Department. Enjoy if you have anContinue reading “An editorial comment on Trump at 6 months”

Trump as POTUS: an editorial comment

We should have all seen this coming. The favorability ratings of the entire Washington bureaucracy had been in the cellar for years and decreasing. Partisan political activities consisted of bitter hatred of each other’s side and resolve to insure nothing the other wanted ever came to fruit. Ted Cruz worked as hard as he couldContinue reading “Trump as POTUS: an editorial comment”

Some politically volatile comments (personal opinion FWIW)

What follows is some conversation from the Website:  Med-Events:, a site I moderate for opinions and comments about current events. Sometimes it gets pretty volatile and there isn’t much held back as Events is a closed site. I cannot reproduce any of the opinions other than mine because I don’t have permissions. So I haveContinue reading “Some politically volatile comments (personal opinion FWIW)”

Some comments on where critical care medicine is headed in the next ten years

Recall several months ago I wrote some editorial opinions on where I thought critical care was headed, some of them not too kind. I foresaw a critical care world full of Physicians Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) doing patient care and critical care physicians as their handlers in executive roles. The actual experience andContinue reading “Some comments on where critical care medicine is headed in the next ten years”

Some comments on the Veterans Hospital situation in May, 2014

I have a book somewhere in my library written in the late 70s that details how Vietnam vets got the same treatment as those complaining now at a New York Va. The problem was identical. That facility, however, had a huge number of injured and sick vets referred them from all over the area. TheyContinue reading “Some comments on the Veterans Hospital situation in May, 2014”

I pitch a concept for a cable TV show!

Sitting here day after day, it came to me that maybe I had plenty of time to think up a pitch for a TV show, cable of course so the actors could say “fuck” and show their tits. I really always thought I could do that someday. So the creative juices flowed and here itContinue reading “I pitch a concept for a cable TV show!”