Film Review: “Longmire” (Netflix)

longmirenasdsad“Longmire” now fourth season on Netflix, all ten new episodes streaming. A Western crime thriller adapted from the series of mystery novels by Craig Johnson had moderately successful three seasons on (cable) A & E, then was cancelled as A & E figured it had pretty much run it’s course after ratings dropped. They were decidedly wrong. Netflix has turned into a radically different audience than the “family” oriented A & E channel.

Longmire is the third major show Netflix has picked up after they were cancelled by other channels. Notably “Arrested Development” and “The Killing.”, both of which were superb. “Longmire” is a series for viewers who feel dumped for advertising ratings that otherwise mean nothing. They like cops and robbers and an interesting case to solve each week. “Longmire” is also a western filmed with beautiful cinematography in New Mexico. The show is also notable for the significant place it gives to Native American characters. Underrated actor Lou Diamond Phillips shines in his tense performances as does A. Martinez as a shady Indian tribal leader, Katee Sackhoff’s female interest and Gerald McRaney as a aggressive businessman. But the true shining belongs to the lead role of Robert Taylor, an Australian actor who totally aces the laconic American Southwestern Sheriff, craggy face and all.

Netflix has done two really important things with Longmire
“. They made it streaming so viewers could watch as much or as little as they desire to follow the progress of the show and they let the show take chances not available in a family oriented channel. A refreshed format with little concern over conventional ratings, elevated to a “mature” audience. In it’s new incarnation, it masterfully does exactly that. Season 4 wrapped up the lingering questions of Season 3 with a much stronger punch, riddled with subtlety and and kicking off new storylines.

Longmire is an EXCELLENT series and you can watch as much or as little as you like. The pilot episode and the surprising followup are about as good as it gets in cable TV.

I give it an easy 4 of 5 Winchester model 1873s, with a bullet. Highly recommended by me.

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