Godless” (Netflix mini-series streaming 7 episodes) Review

A really intense film review.  “Godless” (Netflix mini-series streaming 7 episodes)


Just happened to stumble upon this gem of a mini-series and I wanted to make sure you all check it out.

Pay cable companies have the option and ability to portray life is it is, or how we might view it, rather than how ratings shape it. On network programs, stunningly bad pseudo-comedies with irritating laugh tracks prompting those with an IQ under 50 to guffaw on cue. “Two broke girls”? Seriously?

HBO pretty much owns the Emmys for their series but It pays to sniff around sometime to see what’s out there on the other cable channels. Netflix is coming up very quickly. And again, before you start perusing too many “reviews” (always check out mine), you’ll always check rottentomatoes.com first for the most honest and objective numbers.

This month on Netflix resides an absolutely fantastic series with some big name actors and writers. It’s a morality play set in the old West with several tips of the hat to “Deadwood” aura, probably the definitive “Western” of all time.

Godless” is about the search for mysterious loner Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell), by a sheriff (Scoot McNairy), a US Marshall (Sam Waterston) and the fearsome embodiment of father issues Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels). The plight of women who lost all their men in a mining accident. The showcase is the stunning, rugged landscape of the West and the stark hardships of those who live there. The interaction between Roy and the horses is spellbinding. I don’t know how they could have trained either to do that.

“Godless” features some really awesome performances by some world class actors, most noticeably Jeff Daniels (Yes, the same guy that did “Dumb & Dumber). Daniels’ portrayal of the complex character of Frank Griffin is stunning and spellbinding. Look for very convincing performances by Michelle Dockery as Alice and Cree Indian lady Tantoo Cardinal. Interestingly, several of these major players are born & raised Brits affecting a Southwestern accent (a cross between South Georgia and Valley Girl).

Uppers: “Godless” is a visual masterpiece. Stunning if you happen to have 4k electronics. Most flat screen TVs are now affordably in 4k and it’s highly recommended. The difference is very noticeable and for epic scenery it matters. Westerns are interesting because of the visual texture of the landscapes, caught extremely accurately now on 4k visual.

Downers: It takes some time watching this epic before you’re convinced to care about these people but it eventually sucks you into their lives and their complexities. There are a lot of flashbacks and it takes some figuring out as to where they fit in.

I give it a 4 ½ stunning New Mexico landscapes. Must-see.












One thought on “Godless” (Netflix mini-series streaming 7 episodes) Review

  1. incredible series. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 8:56 AM, Gonzo66’s Blog wrote:

    > gonzo66 posted: “A really intense film review. “Godless” (Netflix > mini-series streaming 7 episodes) https://www.youtube.com/watch? > v=toCP7yUqGEs Just happened to stumble upon this gem of a mini-series and > I wanted to make sure you all check it out. Pay cable comp” >

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